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 Our mission is to amplify the voices of youth as means of igniting change within themselves and their communities. 

At Footage we think that social change will only come about when all young people’s insights and lives are valued, that every young person’s story matters, and that every young person has the ability to bring about change.

Through the use of local technology, multimedia methods and tools (including digital storytelling, image, text, and other expressive media), we support young people so that their experiences are communicated, their voices amplified and their solutions acted upon to inspire sustainable transformation.

We also partner with amazing organizations helping them harness and capture the stories and experiences of the young people they work with. Be in touch to learn more.  

The fine print: Footage Foundation was founded by PhD students and colleagues from Cambridge University in 2008 with a burning commitment to educational, cultural, and social initiatives which would access youth voice and perspectives, as well as inspire people to be active participants in changing their local and global communities. Today we are a thriving 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization which prioritizes the voices, ideas, and skills of intensely marginalized young people and their communities. Our collective covers most regions of the world.

Our Theory of Change

Backed by rigorous research, Footage measures its impact on target areas we identify as drivers of change: compassion and empathy, education, awareness, community and connection, and advocacy. Each driver serves as an end goal for our programs in of itself, as well as catalyzes sustainable change within individuals and their communities aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our drivers work together in forming grassroots movements with compassion and empathy at their core.


Girl-Talk-Girl: Gender-based Violence in Russia and the USA

In 2014 Footage Foundation was awarded a U.S.-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue Program Award from the US State Department for the project entitled Girl-talk-Girl: Mobile Digital Storytelling from New York to St. Petersburg.  Since late 2014 this project has been developing a dynamic collaboration between American and Russian young women at-risk to gender violence in New York City and St. Petersburg. Through this project young women from these two large metropolises engage in an innovative program called mVoiceWorks©, which combines mobile digital storytelling and human centered design. The young women are producing and sharing mobile digital stories (1-4 minute multimedia narratives) which are serving as a platform to spark peer-to-peer dialogue exploring both unique and common experiences with respect to the GBV that is ever-present in the lives of urban young women globally. Starting late 2015 with further funding from the U.S. State Department we will be scaling this project in both cities -- watch this space! 

See our trailer to the micro-documentary below. 

mVoiceWorks© is a unique participatory voice methodology used by Footage Foundation that includes workshops, mobile digital storytelling, and (where needed) human-centered design. Footage Foundation uses this methods in our Girl-talk-Girl Program; with further funding it will be used in other programs in 2016. Contact us to learn more, and to find out if this method would suit your organization's needs. 



Girls' Education Speaks:(In)Equality - Education - Experience

In 2015 Footage Foundation began talks with an organization in Kenya that has founded a safe house for girls and young women, and with an Education Department at a University in Amman, Jordan. The ideas sparked, the seeds are now slowly being sown, and in 2016 we will begin a project using mobile digital storytelling with a focus on young women experiences, in these two regions of the world, of inequality as well as of resilience in their educational lives. We ask: What have these young women been through to make it to school or through school? What obstacles have they faced? What have they overcome and how? What can we learn from these incredible girls and young women that might help us in opening up pathways to education for all girls and young women? What can girls and young women gain from sharing their stories, and what can the rest of us learn from listening? Starting in 2016 we plan to explore these questions and more. 

Mobile Learning and 4th World Youth 

This initiative asks Indigenous and homeless youths in two communities to develop a mobile application to reengage them in education. This project envisions young people as innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators. This project is in development.

ICTs and Refugee Youth

This ICT initiative has the potential to impact countless lives as it addresses the inequitable access to education impacting the vast majority young people that are part of the Syrian refugee community in Jordan. At the core of this project are the abilities, expertise, and perspectives of these resourceful youths as they engage in an ICT initiative which seeks to ameliorate some of the multiple obstacles standing in the way of their right to a high-quality education. This project is in development and connects to our Girl-talk-Girl project

Homeless Youth Voice

This participatory multimedia project accesses the voices, skills, and tenacity of homeless youth in London, Vancouver, and New York City. Through this project youth are trained as multimedia researchers, digital story-makers, receive job references, and earn a stipend as they develop a deeper understanding of their lives and the lives of their peers. In this project, youths are the active change-makers. This project started in 2010, and awaits further funding

Footage Foundation Team



Kristen Ali Eglinton, PhD  Executive Director and Co-founder 

Antonina Tereshchenko, PhD Co-founder and Board Member

Muna Amr, PhD Co-Founder and Board Member

Valeska Grau Cárdenas, PhD Co-Founder 

Angeliki Triantafyllaki, PhD Co-Founder 


Caldwell Bishop Communications

Gina Fontanini Media Production

Kristina Langhein Design & Branding

Simon Robinson, PhD Computer Science

Kathryn Weenig Impact Measurement & Marketing

Eric Salas Fundraising

Zoe Smolen Programs & Events

Lillian Parry Design Intern

Emily Batista Technology Intern


Richard Hickman, PhD

Fred Feingold, Esq.

Mark Pollaci

Sharlene Swartz, PhD

Michele Tilyou


Brian Finnerty

Jerry Jennings, LMSW

Margaret Anne Maher

Omar Portillo, LMSW

Robert Stephen

Keith Williams



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