Kathryn Weenig 

Impact Measurement & Marketing

Kathryn believes that increasing access to storytelling is a means of social justice. She is thrilled and honored to contribute to Footage Foundation and finds its work to be an intersection of her passions. She has created empowerment programming for girls living in an international community and adolescents experiencing mental health disorders, employing art and writing to explore the individual and societal issues faced by the unique groups of youth. Her experience led her to serve as a youth mental health advocate, educator, and spokesperson for schools, media, and other youth programs. She has also contributed to research projects regarding child wellbeing and education (Institute for Research on Poverty and Center for Healthy Minds). Prior, she was an award-winning student reporter covering the Free Tibet movement and managed photography for a top-ranked daily student newspaper. Her background is largely in coordinating communications, marketing, development, and outreach for nonprofits and businesses that promote individuals' livelihoods. She holds a BA in English/Creative Writing, Studio Art, and European Studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison, part of which she completed studying for a year in Seville, Spain.