Gender-based Violence in Russia and the USA

Funded by the US State Department, Girl-talk-Girl has developed a dynamic collaboration between American and Russian young women at-risk to gender violence in New York City and St. Petersburg. Through this project, young women engage in the mVoiceWorks© program, then produce and share mobile digital stories. Their stories serve as a platform to spark peer-to-peer dialogue, exploring both unique and common experiences with respect to the GBV that is ever-present in the lives of urban young women globally.


mVoiceWorks© is a unique participatory voice methodology that includes workshops, mobile digital storytelling, and (where needed) human-centered design. Contact us to learn more and find out if this method would suit your organization's needs. 


This project is in development and focuses on the experiences and resiliencies of displaced young women worldwide.



Mobile Learning and 4th World Youth 

This initiative asks Indigenous and homeless youth in two communities to develop a mobile application to reengage them in education. This project envisions young people as innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators. Contact us if you are interested in investing in this project.


Homeless Youth Voice

This participatory multimedia project accessed the voices, skills, and tenacity of homeless youth in London, Vancouver, and New York City. Through this project, youth were trained as multimedia researchers and digital story-makers, received job references, and earned a stipend as they developed a deeper understanding of their lives and the lives of their peers. In this project, youth were the active change-makers.