Our Outcomes

In 2014 and 2015,

22 Russian and 18 American young women participated in Girl-Talk-Girl.

Some collaborated in designing a digital storytelling application. Others created narratives using the tool.

In total, 26 digital stories were made, telling of real experiences of gender-based violence throughout the world.

The stories were exchanged through an international online event and continue to be shared on our exhibition website and across social media.

Participants reported to have gained:

"I was reminded that it was in my power to counteract dangerous situations and devaluing of myself." (N, St. Petersburg)

"I feel like I never analyzed the situation until I made a story. I was like, 'OK, wow, this is really what happened; I was uncomfortable."
(L, New York City)

"It's very useful to tell stories, not keep things inside. And it's useful for others and for you too, because it's like closure." (A, St. Petersburg)

Awareness of Gender-based Violence
"After the workshop, I started to think deeper about all this [gender-based violence], to see these injustices, and to have a different attitude." (M, St. Petersburg)

A Platform for Expression
"I was lucky to take part in this project. I am really happy I was able to speak." (Y, St. Petersburg)

"I know that the stories from Russia have helped me and have affected me, and I would like to hope that when they see our stories, the same thing happens. I sincerely hope that it goes beyond that too, and that there's women and girls all over the world that see these stories and know that they are not alone and that they have these experiences and that other people have them and that at least gives them some sort of hope and courage."
(Z, New York City)


*Stay tuned- with participants currently completing surveys, we will report more measurable outcomes soon.