E.D. Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton Featured in "Inspiring Stories About Women Changing the World"

"Inspiring Stories About Women Changing the World"
Helaina Hovitz, Reader's Digest
May 23, 2017

"Raising the voices of young women both here and overseas who have survived violence and overcome other struggles has become Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton's mission in life. 'I was doing fieldwork in Yukon Territory when young people began seeking me out and asking me to help them to share their experiences with youth in other communities,' says Eglinton, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Footage Foundation. 'I knew what I was doing went beyond research, that there was potential for combining empathy, compassion, and connection with new media arts.' She has focused on the power of narrative, compassion, and connection in individual and community development. 'Knowing your own suffering can help others feel less alone is as important to feeling human as food and shelter.'"

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