Girl-talk-Girl in The Guardian for 16 Days of Activism

During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, The Guardian drew attention to projects participating in the campaign, including Girl-talk-Girl in this awe-inspiring article.

Below is the blurb featuring Footage.

US and Russia

Girl-talk-Girl is a new project building connections between women at risk of gender-based violence in New York and St Petersburg. The project’s director, Kristen Ali Eglinton, said inviting women in both cities to share their experiences helped participants realise they weren’t alone.

“The young women found there were more similarities than differences when it came to their personal experiences of the various violences that they experience in their daily lives – from violence within families, to self-violence, to public harassment. Common feelings were shared around specific incidents – for example, fear when walking home alone in the evening, or anger over cat-calling, and comparable and intense emotions cut across geographic and political divides,” Eglinton said.

Young women in NYC and Russia share their experiences with GBV

We are placing the personal experiences of young women in NYC and St.Petersburg Russia at the heart of the discussion on gender-based violence. Funded by the U.S. Department of State and conceived and conducted by Footage Foundation ( the Girl-talk-Girl (www.girltalkgirl) program helps young women in these two cities share their experiences with violence through storytelling, these are then shared on an international platform. During 16 days of activism we feature these stories on social media and beyond. These stories help us all heal and increase action and advocacy -- action and advocacy that starts with the voices of young women themselves.