Footage's Girl-talk-Girl Russia / USA Project is Set to Scale

Believing in the power of storytelling and constantly striving to amplify the voices of the most hard to reach young women, Footage Foundation has received further funding from the U.S. State Department for an innovative scale-up of our Girl-talk-Girl Project in St. Petersburg Russia and New York City, USA. 

From November 2015-Summer 2016, we will implement a participatory scaling-up strategy, which will have the young women themselves at the heart of the scale-up. We will be training up to 10 alumni young women participants in both countries as Mobile Digital Storytelling Leaders (mDSLs). These young women mDSLs will then embark on their own journey, each working with several young women that they themselves recruit and support in creating and sharing their own stories around the gender-based violence in their lives.

For more, visit or contact Project Director Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton at

When you tell your story, you not only overcome fear, silence, and shame, but you also pave the way. You break down barriers for those who come after you, who can’t speak.
- Mona Eltahawy, writer