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Female Survivors Use Custom Tech For Social Change

January 6, 2017, Helaina Hovitz

"Everyone has a voice, but even in a video-heavy world, not everyone’s voice can be heard. For young women around the globe, their silence is more deafening than words—but one organization is working to make sure that by giving them the power to speak up, they can create meaningful change."

Read the rest of the article here.

Footage's #ConnectsMe Campaign Reveals Common Humanity

In conjunction with our fall 2016 crowdfunding campaign to amplify the voices of young women refugees, we engaged the public in our #ConnectsMe initiative, both on the streets and social media. Through mail tags, tweets, and community dialogue, we have discovered and curated the experiences, feelings, and values that connect us all to forcibly displaced individuals throughout the world. As the global community seeks solutions to the current refugee crisis, we ask you to consider what connects you to refugees. View the public's thoughtful and moving responses below. Thank you to everyone who participated on and off line, revealing powerful aspects of our shared humanity. For example, @mbbarthman tweeted: "Wanting health for my family #ConnectsMe to refugees. #HerConnectHer @footageyouth."

Homerton College, Cambridge University Hosts Art Show Benefiting Footage

Artist and Professor Richard Hickman, PhD, Faculty of Education at University of Cambridge, exhibited his art at a show benefiting Footage Foundation throughout the month of November 2016. The show was a great success, with paintings purchased by the Faculty of Education, by Homerton College, and by numerous attendees. We are grateful for this generous support of our organization. For more information on the exhibition contact us on info@footageyouth.org. 

Read our 2016 Annual Appeal

Our Dear Footage Supporters,
The coming year brings uncertain times for many of us. This uncertainty is even more profound for the young women we reach with our programs. At this moment in history, when human displacement is at the highest ever recorded, when fear and division dominate our discourse, when voices are increasingly silenced, when inequality and violence against women, LGBTQ, and other marginalized groups soar, our work at Footage, which cultivates radical compassion and fosters healing and connection across individuals, groups, communities, and nations is more essential than ever.
Once a year, we run this Appeal to keep Footage programs thriving, and this year, it is with a sense of urgency that as Executive Director, and on behalf of the truly dedicated impassioned Footage team, I begin with an intensely heartfelt and direct request.

Read more from Executive Director Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton here.

Footage Foundation Hosting Twitter Chat for 16 Days of Activism, Dec. 5, 2016

#AreYouBraveEnough Twitter Chat
Monday, December 5th, 2016, 11-11:30 am EST
for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence (GBV)

Join Footage Foundation in dialogue on the power of storytelling in eliminating GBV. During the half hour, we will tweet the following three questions. Please, amplify your voice, share your ideas, and tweet your responses at us (@footageyouth). We look forward to hearing from you.


Q1. How can storytelling be used as a tool to end violence against girls and young women?

Q2. What does ethical storytelling look like in the context of violence against girls and young women?

Q3. How can storytelling across generations and/or amongst peers mitigate violence against girls and young women? 


#AreYouBraveEnough or #AYBE

#16DaysofActivism or #16Days

Example: "A2: Ethical storytelling provides safe spaces for the creation and sharing of stories. @footageyouth #AYBE #16Days"


The fine print:

Footage Foundation designs impactful, sustainable initiatives, accessing and sharing unheard voices of young people on challenging global issues, using local, mobile technology; multimedia methods; and other expressive tools. Our evidence-based initiatives spark change at individual and global levels, forming grassroots movements with compassion and empathy at their core.

#AreYouBraveEnough is a call to action to help us amplify the voices of brave young women who are sharing lived experiences of gender-based violence through our Girl-talk-Girl program.

Girl-talk-Girl has developed a dynamic collaboration between young women at-risk to violence in New York City and St. Petersburg, Russia. Through this project, participants engage in mVoiceWorks©, then produce and share mobile digital stories, which serve as a platform to spark peer-to-peer dialogue. Participants have also been trained as leaders and guided additional young women through the transformative process of telling their stories.

Footage Foundation: Raising voices to elevate lives.
footageyouth.org | info@footageyouth.org | girltalkgirl.org

Footage presents at GIV.NYC 2016 as a Top 10 Nonprofit in NYC & Wins 4th Place!

Thanks to our dedicated and steadfast supporters, we were voted one of the Top 10 Nonprofits in NYC on Givkwik's GIV.NYC platform. In result, we pitched our mission, programs, and impact at their Giving Tuesday event among inspiring, visionary organizations and individuals.

Executive Director Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton and Assistant Program Manager/Girl-talk-Girl Leader Zoe Smolen on stage at GIV.NYC. Photo courtesy of Givkwik.

Executive Director Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton and Assistant Program Manager/Girl-talk-Girl Leader Zoe Smolen on stage at GIV.NYC. Photo courtesy of Givkwik.

Our generous community of supporters who voted for us on Giving Tuesday carried us to 4th place at the event, awarding us a $1,386 grant. We are so grateful for and flattered by the opportunity, encouragement, and connections made through our participation. Thank you to everyone who believes in the power of youth voice as much as we do.

Members of the Footage team at GIV.NYC.

Members of the Footage team at GIV.NYC.

Footage Foundation invites public and private sector to join 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence - Read our press release

PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Footage Foundation invites private sector organizations to host short interactive workshops on the power of storytelling during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, and to join its public #AreYouBraveEnough Twitter chat on December 5th. Footage will also release new stories on social media from its Girl-talk-Girl program during the 16 Days, and asks organizations and individuals to share them across their networks. Planned activities aim to amplify the key role of voice in combating violence against women, and continue the dialogue sparked by Girl-talk-Girl participants in New York City and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Through Girl-talk-Girl, young women in both cities used human-centered design to adapt a mobile digital storytelling application, produced narratives based on lived experiences of violence, shared their stories across countries and cultures, and led their peers through the program.

To date, more than 70 young women have been impacted, and more than 50 digital stories have been produced. Footage aims to scale its methods to provide access to 840 more participants in 2017.

"We have established a dynamic dialogue on gender-based violence between young women in America and Russia. The 16 Days of Activism is an impactful opportunity for similar collaboration among the private and public sectors," Executive Director Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton said.

Corporations interested in hosting Footage's workshops during the 16 Days of Activism or partnering as program sponsors may send inquiries to info@footageyouth.org. Corporations will receive media packages to promote their workshop participation across platforms and have the opportunity to join Footage's formal recognition program.

Footage measures its impact on five drivers of change, each catalyzing transformation aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The 16 Days campaign begins Friday, November 25th (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and runs until Saturday, December 10th (International Human Rights Day).

Footage designs impactful, sustainable programs that use local technology and expressive multimedia tools to bring the underrepresented voices and experiences of young people, particularly young women, into conversations on the world's most challenging issues including gender-based violence and forced displacement. Watch the short documentary on Girl-talk-Girl.

Contact Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton, Executive Director at kae@footageyouth.org for more information.

Campaign Relaunch: Amplify Voices of Young Women Refugees!

Deepest gratitude for so passionately investing in the expansion of Girl-talk-Girl to include the voices of young women refugees. Our first crowdfunded initiative continues as we’ve reached almost $8,000. We believe that as the refugee crisis destabilizes lives and communities, the voices of young women–the backbone of those communities–need to be heard. Therefore, it is with a sense of urgency that we put your investment in our ground-breaking voice programs to immediate use.

This Autumn, we will commence working with young women refugees in three communities across Europe to address their experiences with conflict, violence, and war. 

Read the rest of our announcement here:


As part of our crowdfunding campaign to bring our award-winning Girl-talk-Girl digital storytelling program to young women refugees, we have taken to the streets to discover how the public feels when someone is brave enough to tell their story. We have asked supporters to make signs, finish the sentence, "When someone is brave enough to tell their story, I feel _____," and send us their photos. We are sharing responses across social media with the hashtag #AreYouBraveEnough.

Whether you have already donated or want to join the campaign in an interactive way, tell us how YOU feel when someone is brave enough to tell their story. We are so moved by what we are hearing, and can't wait to hear your voice.

View the many, powerful responses here.

10 Days. 10 Voices. 1 World Campaign Launch!

"Women and girls affected by conflict must be regarded as more than victims of brutality; they are agents of change who, if given the opportunity, can transform their societies." (Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Executive Director of Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security)

Dear Supporters,

While you may not have experienced violence or displacement, undoubtedly you know a woman or girl who has: a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter, your neighbor, your world. These issues aren’t foreign, they’re personal, they are an intricate part of your world – and you can help.

Our award-winning Girl-talk-Girl program has made an immense impact in the lives of young women in New York City and St. Petersburg, Russia. Our voice methods will make a difference among young women living as refugees.

Today, we launch our largest expansion campaign 10 Days. 10 Voices. 1 World starting with the release of our micro-documentary. You can see for yourself how young women in NYC and St. Petersburg were brave enough to use their voices and spark a movement to end violence against women.

Young women have been committed enough to start this movement. We urge you now to be brave enough to continue their mission to unleash the power of compassion and bring our empowering voice program to courageous young women seeking safety and refuge.

Our strategy is multi-tiered: if we can raise $25K, we can ensure that young women in one refugee camp benefit from our program and that their voices are heard. For every additional $25K raised, we can extend our program to young women in another camp and can give them the opportunity to join the global conversation through our transformative approach.

Our aim is to reach as many young women as possible in refugee camps across Europe and beyond.

$25K = 1 camp | $50K = 2 camps | $75K = 3 camps

Every dollar counts. Donations as little as 5 dollars ensures a young women makes it to one of our workshops.

This campaign is about numbers – about compassionate action - about showing solidarity. So please, join the journey and create your personal fundraising page to share with your social network (directions below).  

Watch our microdocumentary and give today.

With gratitude, as ever. 


Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton
Executive Director & Co-Founder
Footage Foundation

Spread the word. Be part of the change.
Create your donation page now:
1. Go to footagefoundation.causevox.com
2. Click the button: Create a Fundraising Page
3. Register with your information
4. Share you page link with your social network
5. Don't forget to add #AreYouBraveEnough

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In case you missed it: Our Girl-talk-Girl project uses an innovative method called mVoiceWorks© to support dialogue between American and Russian young women at-risk to gender violence by creating awareness about their daily challenges through “mobile digital stories” (stories produced on mobile phones). This project is made possible through a generous US - Russia Peer-to-Peer Award from the US State Department, and further supported by our steadfast donors like you. The views and opinions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of any agency of the U.S. government. 

Footage Foundation launches global campaign to end gender-based violence and achieve Sustainable Development Goals - Read our Press Release

PR Newswire

NEW YORK, April 28, 2016

NEW YORK, April 28, 2016 - On Tuesday May 10th, Footage Foundation begins a 10 day campaign with the release of a short documentary about its Girl-talk-Girl program (Mobile Digital Storytelling and Gender-based Violence from New York to St. Petersburg, Russia). Through Footage's website and its platform on CauseVox, the campaign will raise awareness of the power of storytelling, connection, and empathy in ending violence against women, and will call for action to support the expansion of Girl-talk-Girl to more communities, including refugees in Europe.

Backed by rigorous research, the methods of Girl-talk-Girl advance the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably gender equality, by targeting Footage'sDrivers of Change. These Drivers are objectives for Footage's programs, and catalyze SDG-aligned sustainable transformations within individuals and their communities; they work together through grassroots movements with compassion and empathy at their core. In Girl-talk-Girl, participants bravely reconstruct their experiences with gender-based violence through digital storytelling and share their stories with others, by so doing they form a network of compassion and empathy, as well as a mutual goal of eradicating gender inequality on a local and global scale.

With countless girls and young women seeking safe passage and refuge throughoutEurope as they flee conflict in Syria, the need to recognize to their voices, using innovative approaches to engender altruism and empathy, is immediate. The same urgency extends to girls and women who are susceptible to violence in all parts of the world. Globally at least 1 in 3 women will be subject to violence in their lives. Through the upcoming campaign, Footage is asking the global community, including individuals, and the public and private sectors, to help it expand its reach as it aims to continue its work with, and give voice, to the world's most unheard girls and young women.

Footage designs impactful, sustainable programs that use local technology and expressive multimedia tools to bring the underrepresented voices and experiences of young people, particularly young women, into conversations on the world's most challenging issues.

Kristen Ali Eglinton named in 100 Inspiring Women for work with Footage

On International Women's Day (March 8, 2016), Salt published a list of 100 Inspiring Women in collaboration with the company Diageo in which they named Executive Director Kristen Ali Eglinton as #34 for her work with Footage.

The list elevates women whose work demonstrates impact, courage, innovation, and compassion. These values align with Footage’s Drivers of Change, which we believe have the power to catalyze positive change within young women and their communities.

Footage Foundation Expansion Empowers Leadership and Connection for Young Women in NYC and St. Petersburg, Russia - Read Our Press Release

PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2016

NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Despite an increasingly divided world there remains a sense of unity in shared hardships, joys, and triumphs amongst everyday people.  This unity, and transatlantic commonality between American and Russian young women is but one of the goals of the innovative Girl-Talk-Girl Programcreated and conducted by Footage Foundation. Started in 2014, and now expanding to reach more young women, Girl-Talk-Girl increases communication, about gender-based violence (GBV) using a mobile phone application redesigned by girls in the program. Now awarded a scale-up grant by the U.S. Department of State, Girl-Talk-Girl is escalating its efforts in connecting the young women from two cities, New York and St. Petersburg, Russia.  The expansion is launching with a comprehensive toolkit available for downloadon the Girl-Talk-Girl website, and for distribution to NGOs globally. As a whole the toolkit and scale up creates an innovative program which empowers new mobile digital storytelling leaders in both cities who are connected with each other, and have a greater understanding of the other country. Through leadership development it is hoped that a new generation of women leaders will emerge with a deeper understanding of the humanity that connects all of us.

This toolkit includes examples of stories, such as Z, who focuses on the issue of catcalling and harassment while exploring a new part of the city.  It expands on how these stories can be creatively conveyed through this unique medium by emphasizing use of camera angles and music. The toolkit also contains discussion points to engage participants in both the stories, and to help them consider GBV on a broader scale.  The most remarkable aspect of the toolkit is its global focus. Available in both Russian and English, the toolkit reminds people that GBV is not isolated to any one person, or any one nation; rather, it affects women everywhere. By starting these dialogues, Girl-Talk-Girl reminds young women that they are not alone in their experiences, and gives them an opportunity to reach out to others who share in their circumstances, and hopefully find solace and comfort in the global community. 

Footage featured in Salt: The Compassionate Business Magazine

Article from wearesalt.org:


Posted February 3, 2016

By: Mostafa Al

For millions of underrepresented youths at risk of violence, old methods of communication are not getting their messages across. Footage Foundation is a nonprofit social enterprise that proposes a new way to empower youth – mobile digital storytelling.

Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton, executive director of Footage, believes that for lasting social transformation, we need to empower people through their voices. Her company designs sustainable social change programmes that use local technology and expressive multimedia tools (such as mobile digital storytelling) to bring the underrepresented voices and experiences of young people into the conversations on the world’s most challenging issues, with a focus on girls and young women. Salt spoke to Dr Eglinton to find out more.

What are the most important issues you are looking to tackle this year?

We will continue to use our pioneering methods and technologies created through user-centered design workshops, along with the young people we work with, to empower them and allow them to share their own stories. This allows them to advocate for themselves, their peers, and their local and global communities.

Footage is incredibly unique in that we focus on substantive global issues such as gender-based violence, unemployment amongst youth, and gender equality. We know we can’t achieve lastingsocial change without inviting all youth – all unheard young people – to the discussion.

The overarching issue we’re consistently focused on is honing our methods and approaches. We’re adapting the social entrepreneurship initiatives, technologies, and platforms we create so that we continue to target major global issues through heightened participation, voice, and engagement.

What’s going to get the most attention?

For us, we’re going deeper into the ways in which compassionate action can act as a mechanism for change. Compassion for us includes: gaining new understandings of your experiences, understanding yourself with greater clarity, feeling a greater sense of responsibility toward your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, and taking action to help both yourself and others.

After sharing her voice in our Girl-talk-Girl program, one woman said: “If I was brave enough to tell my story, maybe someone else out there will say ‘Oh wait – maybe I’m not the only one.’”

So we’ll continue to explore how storytelling and voice not only provide a sense of closure and healing from traumatic events, but also decrease feelings of shame whilst increasing feelings of self-worth. Sharing our stories can help us become advocates – we can feel empowered as our personal experience becomes a catalyst for increased awareness and healing in others.

What’s the future for Footage Foundation? Where are you headed?

This year we’re on our second round of funding from the U.S. Department of State for our Girl-talk-Girl Program. This highly successful program focuses on illuminating the voices of young women in New York City and St. Petersburg, Russia, and their experiences with gender-based violence by creating an international platform for dialogue (see the trailer to the micro-documentary on this project here.)

Right now we are piloting a scale-up model which is supporting young women in becoming mobile digital storytelling leaders who themselves expand the initiative and spark further dialogue. What’s more, we plan to leverage our key learnings from Girl-talk-Girl and launch a global initiative called ‘HereHer’, focusing on empowerment, education, and equality for girls and young women.

This grassroots digital storytelling initiative is based on social entrepreneurial principles and focuses on putting young women at the heart of change. It offers employment and training opportunities – the young women themselves become empowered leaders though this movement. Then they can create momentum that leads to impact on a broader scale.

What would be most helpful to your organisation?

We are passionately seeking sponsorship from corporations, social enterprises, and other nonprofits that are inspired by our mission, and already deeply invested in community outreach around the globe. We know that our methods are unique and offer measurable impact, which will help other organisations reach their goals.

We want changemakers to partner with us. We want their help in elevating the voices of young women and girls through education and advocacy, in supporting us as we scale leadership development initiatives which ultimately create employment opportunities at this critical moment in history. We want them working with us so that together we can demonstrate that voice, participation, empathy and compassionate action are – as we would argue – the missing pieces to sustainable social change.

Did you miss our 2015 Annual Appeal?



To Our Dear Footage Supporters,
Once a year we run this Appeal to keep Footage Foundation programs thriving. While I generally take this opportunity to describe pressing social issues, this year feels different. That is, our Appeal feels more urgent and crucial. We know the world needs help and healing, and so I ask you: 

Help us to help young people rise up. Help us to equip them with the skills and capacities to create positive social change through their powerful voices – change that will enable all of us to live in a more peaceful, just, and tolerant world – a world we at Footage believe can be created with love, with compassion, with community, with you.
In 2015 Footage has grown exponentially in both our programming and impact, and yet we remain a small group of intensely passionate individuals with a grand vision. In fact, we are an anomaly: we are an internationally recognized non-profit run purely by the unlimited heart and soul of a select few, including primarily young women that grow with us, as they know they can be the instrument of change.
While our distinctive model ensures we can foster major change on the ground, running international programs cost a great deal – and therefore we would not exist without your donations. We ask you look at our websites and our programs, and if you agree with us on the significance of our impact, donate (www.footageyouth.org).
Your past donations have enabled us to make a major impact. We were proudly at the United Nations in May supporting the global agenda for youth participation and development. Our award-winning work on the Girl-talk-Girl Program, which supports young women in New York City and St. Petersburg Russia in creating and sharing their stories of violence, received a further award from the U.S. Department of State to scale in the USA and Russia (www.girltalkgirl.org). Last week our work was featured in the international press (see The Guardian here) during the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women. And, most importantly, we have demonstrated measurable impact where young women taking part on our programs report increased levels of awareness on social issues, empathy, compassion, self-worth, and healing.
In 2016 we are preparing to launch a global initiative, which will help break inequalities in education for girls and young women.  Our goal is to engage young women, many facing violence and poverty, through storytelling and advocacy in taking up their right to education in whatever form that may come, and in melting the barriers to education through their voices.

We urge you to stick with us, and to support us in having this impact seep into innumerable communities around the globe. A generous donation now will enable us to continue our important work.
I close with this Appeal as I began -- with urgency, in earnest, impassioned, and with added, and immeasurable, gratitude for your trust in our mission. Please do not let down those brave souls who appear on the video(s) you can find on (https://vimeo.com/143673185) as well as the countless others who are our inspiration.  

I ask you again: Please help us to empower youth so that they can change themselves and our world. Help us grow so our impact can spread throughout the world – a world that is seemingly ever closer and yet so painfully divided. We implore you, if you believe in our work, and want to make a change in the world, donate generously.

We have so much to do. As most of you know we rely primarily on you to thrive. As such, and as ever, I know that there are countless deserving charities you might support, I also know we would not be in the position we are in today without you as our partners. In fact, we would not exist without you. And, for this, and for so much more, we deeply thank you.
Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton
Executive Director and Co-Founder
The fine print:
As always, your donations are US tax-deductible to the extent permitted by applicable law as we are a registered 501(c)(3) organization. We accept checks or money orders (in all currency) made out to: “Footage Foundation, Inc” and sent to the address below. You can also pay through our website (www.footageyouth.org) by clicking on the “Donate” button and using your credit or debit card.