our mission?

Footage values the voice of children, youth, and their communities. Through applied research, advocacy and outreach, Footage promotes the principles of equality and social justice. We are committed to educational, cultural, and social initiatives which access voice and perspectives, as well as inspires people to be active participants in changing their local and global communities.


Using multimedia and engaging methods we strive to prioritize the voices, ideas, assets and skills of intensely marginalized young people and their communities, and empower them to be the central players in solving the social challenges that keep them from rising to their fullest potential.



Bringing an international lens to the examination of local issues, our collective covers most regions of the world.what?


Our initiatives are embedded in youth positive development: our aim is to work alongside youth and communities seeking to create sustainable solutions to social issues.


Founded by PhD colleagues from Cambridge University we are a dynamic 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization focusing on applied and empowering social and educational projects with disenfranchised children and youth.