We raise voices to elevate lives.

At Footage, our mission is to amplify the voices of youth as means of igniting change within themselves and their communities. 

Through the use of local technology and media arts, we support young people so that their experiences are communicated, their voices are amplified, and their solutions are acted upon to inspire sustainable transformation.

We also partner with amazing organizations, helping them harness and capture the stories and experiences of the young people whom with they work.

The fine print: Footage Foundation was founded by PhD colleagues from Cambridge University in 2008 with a burning commitment to educational, cultural, and social initiatives that access youth voices and perspectives as well as inspire young people to be active participants in changing their local and global communities. Today, we are a thriving 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization prioritizing the voices, ideas, and skills of intensely marginalized young people and their communities. Our collective covers most regions of the world.